Data feed requirements

Skinflint regularly updates the products listed by merchants. We are happy to provide individual solutions for you!
There are two possibilities to update your price file:

  • We download your datafeed file from a URL or FTP location you specify and update your prices every 10 minutes.
  • Alternatively, we can retrieve the data directly from your online store.

We are very pleased to provide individual solutions for you!

What should your file look like?

We prefer simple text formats that are supported by most shop systems. If you are currently submitting a feed to a price engine, you can also submit that feed to Skinflint.
Accepted file types:
  • CSV text files (preferred), 1 product per line, 1 field per column, fields separated by defined separating characters such as "|" or ";"
  • HTML table- 1 article per line, 1 field per column
  • XLS Excel file- 1 article per line, 1 field per column

Information that should be contained in your datafile:

  • Product name
  • Manufacturer/ brand name
  • Price (in £) including VAT
  • Method of payment, special payment terms
  • Link to the product page on your site (deep link) (optional)
  • Manufacturer`s product code (optional)
  • Product description (optional)
  • Stock availability (optional)
  • Delivery charge (optional)
  • European Article Number EAN (optional)
  • Delivery time (optional)
Download our sample feed CSV

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