Data Feed Management working with Skinflint

Skinflint welcomes all opportunities to work with new feed management agencies. We are happy to promote our current partnerships below and look forward to adding more. Our Team is available to answer your questions.

Feed Optimise

Feed Optimise Creates, Manages and Delivers Highly Optimised Product Data Feeds - for All Shopping Channels, Social Networks and Affiliate Partners. On certain shopping channels we are consistently Known to Double Traffic Overnight. Fully automated with the most Intelligent ROI tools, the Feed Optimise system gives you instant tracking and one low transparent monthly cost. You only pay for what you use. Our pricing structure and system is unmatched in the data feed management industry.


A powerful part of the ChannelAdvisor Complete platform, Comparison Shopping enhances the placement and promotion of your products across comparison shopping engines and provides clarity into which products are attracting shoppers and which products are converting buyers so you get the most from your comparison shopping program. Comparison Shopping supports over 80 comparison shopping sites.

One Feed

Onefeed is a leading provider of comparison shopping marketing tools, data feed optimisation and manipulation in the UK. We provide best in class feed management tools that enable our clients to maximise their feeds potential without having to invest massively in their own software solutions. An overview of the merchant system is availble for download (PDF).

Feeds Management

Feed Manager supply high quality product submissions to all comparison shopping sites in UK, USA & Australia. Our platform provides a range of tools for our clients to select specific products for inclusion on any submissions; to monitor and respond to competitor price changes and to optimise product quality for optimum display on any channel they select. Feed Manger also provides an integrated solution for publication of product information into Social Media. .