Company founder

DI Marinos Yannikos

Marinos Yannikos was educated in Greece and Austria. After graduating from school in Athens he studied computer sciences at the Vienna University of Technology where he received his MSc degree and became a teaching assistant within the Department of Informatics.

Based on his own experience as a consumer purchasing hardware he saw the need for a tool that would bring more transparency for consumers and started programming a price engine.

In 1996 Marinos Yannikos started his price comparison merely as information for friends. It soon enjoyed great popularity and attracted more and more users and retailers. Marinos Yannikos continued to develop the platform and the technology behind it.

In 2000 'Preisvergleich Internet Services AG' has been founded in Vienna. With further development the site grew from a mere price engine to a real service-platform for the retail market and for consumers.

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